Meet our Instructors

Cathy Barnett:

Cathy got the dance bug at 5 years old while watching the Solid Gold Dancers shimmy the Top 20 Hits every week on TV. Dancing became her obsession and before long her mother picked up the Yellow Pages and found a local jazz dance school. This was the beginning of a long life in dance for Cathy. It went on to shape her confidence, develop her self-expression and create strong, life-long relationships. Cathy has always believed that dance is a celebration of music, uniting people and cultures, with no limits to it's creativity. Cathy danced professionally in the 1990s, appearing in numerous productions, events and music videos throughout New Zealand and Australia. She spent years as a dance teacher and choreographer, teaching dancers of many ages and abilities. Originally from New Zealand, Cathy has settled in Seattle with her husband, 9 year old daughter, and 10 year old yellow labrador. By day she is an ecommerce executive, and by night she slays to Donna Summer with a group of fun-loving dancers at PopRox.


Kinsey Litton:

Kinsey was a performer in her own mind before anyone else knew it. Her love for music came at a young age and her quick-thinking parents placed her in her first dance class when she was eight years old. With each year she spent more time dancing, creating routines for herself and her friends, and putting on shows for pretty much anyone who would sit long enough to watch.  She credits the ten years she spent dancing for teaching her how to love her body, how to teach herself discipline, and most importantly -- how to trick herself into exercise. Though she took a break from dancing with a company, her love for music and dancing has never left. Ten years of dance experience combined with her years spent nannying make her a perfect fit for a class full of aspiring young dancers. She can’t wait to share her love for music and dance and to empower her students to try new things, learn to love their body and all it can do, and use music as a means to express themselves.


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