Russian Flow: Bodweight Conitioning I and II: (Dmitry)

Drop-in (reservations): $25*


Unlimited Monthly Bundle: $120* (Buy Bundle Here)


*All taxes are included. Mats provided. No unexpected charges or hidden fees.
Bundle includes up to 24 classes per month and only available for online purchase.
Please, be aware that for your safe comfortable experience due to a limited space, class participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and only reservation online guarantees a spot in a class. Reservation is free and takes 10 seconds to complete.


Hustle & Flow with Lo: (Lauren)

Drop-in (w/ reservations): $15


5-Class Bundle: $65


Creative Vinyasa & Yin Yoga: (Carrie)

Drop-in (w/ reservations): $15


4-Class Bundle: $48

Private Session: TBD


Yin Yoga: (Angela)

Drop-in (reservations): $15


No packages at this time


Yoga Nidra: (Angela)

Drop-in (reservations): $15


No packages at this time


Yin Yoga/ Yoga Nidra Workshop: (Angela)

2 Hour Workshop: $22 (reservations)


Yin Yoga/ Yoga Nidra 3-Class Series: (Angela)

3-Class (90 Minutes) Series: $60 (reservations)


MIndfulness For Everday Life: (Justin)

2 Hour Workshop: $40 (reservations)


An Introduction to Mindfulness 6-Class Series: (Justin)

6-Class (75 Minutes) Series: $120 (reservations)*

33% Discount when signing up for the workshop

Mind, Body & Spirit

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